What is meditation?


What is meditation ?

It’s an inner quest to understand yourself, to reconnect with your soul, to realize what and who you really are. All the big words – enlightenment, yoga, self-discovery, God realisation – refer to this achievement. It’s really our deepest purpose, but we’re so immersed in our life dramas and enchanted by the world that we’ve forgotten about our spiritual nature and how important it is to real happiness. People who have an interest in meditation are awakening – meditation is the response, looking down into the silences to see what is there.

Is meditation of relevance to everybody?

Indeed yes. Each of us, in the many stories of our lives, shares the same longing for happiness and personal fulfilment. We explore so many pathways and possibilities in life to find satisfaction – in people, places, careers, outer situations – yet the happiness that we seek seems often so brief and elusive. Down through the ages the great spiritual teachers all remind us that the secrets of happiness and successful living are in fact already inside us, deep inside the human consciousness, and that meditation is a powerful key to unlock these secrets. This truth applies to all of us.

Is meditation the same as religion?

Meditation is not a philosophy or religion or dogma but simply a way of being, of reconnecting to a deeper part of our selves. It invites us to set aside a little time each day to cultivate our practice, quieten the chatter of the mind, bring to the fore the peace, insight, self-knowledge and happiness inherent in our deeper nature. Anyone can meditate because we are all essentially spiritual beings. In meditation we turn our gaze within to the quiet places of the heart and soul – its practice takes us to a peaceful inner space and can transform every part of our outer lives in a wonderfully positive way.