Listen to Nature: Living in Harmony with the Earth


If you’re a nature lover, gardener, forest bather, tree hugger, or simply understand our fundamental oneness with the natural world, here’s a wonderful and compelling new book to immerse yourself in, one up there with David Haskell’s The Songs of Trees. Author Sri Chinmoy brings a deep and spiritual understanding of Mother Nature, and the need for our appreciation and guardianship of our precious planet at a time when environmental concerns are rapidly mounting.

Listen to Nature presents Sri Chinmoy’s insights on the roots of the environmental crisis and what each of us can do, offering a message of hope, oneness and compassion.

This volume has a foreword by Jane Goodall, the renowned primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace who met Sri Chinmoy in 2003. The book also includes an introduction by Kusumita Pedersen, professor emerita of religious studies at New York’s St. Francis College, who sets the stage by placing Sri Chinmoy’s love and respect for nature in the context of his wider philosophy of peace.

The book features many poems drawn from a wide range of Sri Chinmoy’s books, as well as his illumining answers to questions posed over the years by UN officials, professors, journalists and seekers.

In response to numerous inquiries, we do hope to have copies in New Zealand very soon, or you can order Listen to Nature on Amazon here.

Some comments from readers:

“The strongest message I got from this wonderful little book is hope. The author, Sri Chinmoy, offers a clear message through his writing that we can help the earth become healthy once again through our sincere concern, action and prayers. It has given me hope and confidence that my contributions as just one person really does offer something significant and that both individual and collective actions are extremely powerful….”

“What I got was a unique, eye-opening lens on modern man’s relationship with Mother Earth and the pathway towards a more fruitful existence, from the viewpoint of an authentic Indian mystic who, surprisingly, lived in the modern reality, in New York of all places”.

“For anyone who wants to protect the world they love for their children and the generations to come, this book is a must read. Technology alone cannot save our precious world -which sustains and holds all life in being- we also need wisdom, solidarity and an appreciation for one another and for nature’s perfection and beauty as a guide. Dame Jane Goodall, luminary scientist, leader in the environmental movement and United Nations Messenger of Peace, adds important context and meaning to the spiritual dimensions of Sri Chinmoy’s brilliant collection of writings on the value of Listening to Nature. This is a book that I expect to consult and meditate on often as its wisdom and orientation towards hope is timeless.”