Forms of meditation


How do we know what form of meditation is best for us?

You won’t at first, but as your practice progresses you will start to zero in on the methods most suited to your nature. We’re each temperamentally inclined toward a certain type of practice, of yoga, and will naturally veer towards that quite instinctively.

There are many ways to meditate but most share in common the effort to still the mind – eventually the different paths all converge at the top of the mountain, reach the same goal.
One of the secrets of meditation is that all sincere effort seems to attract what can only call grace – all the difficulties melt away, our path finds us, the universe shows us our way forward simply through our willingness to try.

Sea And Sand Beach

Another secret of meditation is that this ability is already inside us – we are not learning how to be peaceful but remembering! Practice is simply creating the time and space out of which this knowledge can emerge. Our spirituality is the most natural and wonderful of our gifts and simply needs to be awakened – it has been neglected and eclipsed by our busy outer lives yet remains the greatest determining factor in the quality of all our life experience. Everything begins within!