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The Sri Chinmoy Centre (est 1983 in Auckland) is a leading teaching centres in meditation. We conduct meditation classes and workshops in major cities around the country.  Our many free meditation courses are very practical and are designed to teach you how to make meditation a part of your own life, and thus will enable you to discover firsthand the many benefits of meditation. You will learn life skills essential to achieving a peaceful and happy inner life – and so a fulfilling outer life.

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As well as classes, we also offer many other events:

Peace Concerts

Several free concerts are offered in Hamilton every year, featuring the unearthly beauty of Sri Chinmoy’s meditation music. Use the form below to enquire about upcoming concerts.

Meditation and physical fitness

Sri Chinmoy strongly encouraged us to keep ourselves fit, and felt that sports (especially running) was an important part of an integral spiritual life. As well as keeping us fit and healthy, sports also offer the opportunity to transcend ourselves and explore the limits of the possible.

      • Sri Chinmoy’s interest in sport as a vehicle for human potential has also led us to get involved in the world of ultradistance running; we also organise the official NZ national 12 and 24 hour race in Auckland; if you want to see what self-transcendence is all about, then why not come by and cheer on the runners….

About our teacher, Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy loved people. He had a great optimism about the goodness of the human heart, and wanted all of our classes to be always free of charge. He saw the inner peace that meditation brings as being the foundation for a better world – a lasting peace in the world starts with you and me.

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