Purpose of meditation


Why meditate…what is the purpose?

Man Watching Sunrays
Girl Meditating At Park

Well, we nourish our body every day with food with great regularity, but most of us neglect to take care of some of the deeper aspects of ourselves. Meditation nourishes our mind and our soul and the spiritual aspects of our nature which also need constant attention. These shape our whole life experience. People who are peaceful, for example, are not disturbed by life’s ups and downs, they have an inner calm and poise. And our happiness – most of our efforts at being happy depend upon external things like better jobs, new relationships, material things, travel plans and so forth, but meditation cultivates an inner happiness that no longer depends on these changing outer things at all.

A Greek poet once said: ‘No ship exists to take you from yourself..’, So meditation changes the inner landscape, helps you to find inner peace, a different kind of happiness and a new understanding about your life. You can pursue all of your outer life ambitions as well, but your happiness will no longer depend upon their success or failure, it’s coming from within.